The National Housing Law Project sent a letter to USDA rural housing administrator Tony Hernandez requesting changes in AN 4747, which applies the Violence Against Women Act to USDA’s multifamily programs. USDA agreed to most of the changes.
HUD has proposed new Fair Market Rents (FMR) for Fiscal Year 2015. Comments are due September 15, 2014 on the FMRs HUD will use in FY15. For more information about FMRs in your area, contact local HUD program staff.
At a meeting on August 9, 2014, with HAC's executive committee, RHS Administrator Tony Hernandez discussed his plan to speed up the processing of Section 502 direct loans, including offered several initiatives and shared a timeline for the process.
Changes suggested for Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) rules. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suggests collecting additional data and more. Comments are due October 22 on a proposal to revise HMDA.
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