GreenFund Grant

Notice of Green Fund Capacity Building Grant Funds Availability


Washington, DC

March 8, 2010

The Home Depot Foundation awarded a generous grant to the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) for the pursuit of activities designed to promote green building and healthy homes in affordable rural housing. With the Foundation’s support HAC has created the Green Fund Capacity Building Grant Program, a re-granting program of awards up to $15,000, to fund local rural, sustainable affordable housing developments.  Selected grant recipients must use the awarded funds to support green building/healthy home techniques and practices in their housing development activities.

Grants will be awarded to both experienced green developers and those affordable housing developers new to green/healthy homebuilding; novice green builders must demonstrate clear plans to pursue green/healthy homes.  

Uses of the HAC Green Building/Healthy Homes Initiative grant funds are flexible.  Some examples of uses include construction and development costs, staff support, and training.  Units built must be for low-income households in rural areas.

This competitive program opens March 8, 2010, with applications due by April 5, 2010.  Awards will be announced in late May 2010.